Is Festiie an app or a smart-band?
Festiie is both! It is a smart-band that pairs to your smart phone via the Festiie App.
What is the range of Festiie?
Festiie’s non-line of site range is approximately 1.5 miles, making it ideal for festivals and parks.
How does Festiie work without service?
Festiie uses the latest RF technology allowing you to share your location with friends without the need for service.
When will Festiie be released to purchase?
As we work tirelessly on the full development of Festiie for the upcoming festival season, please sign up to receive updates and be the first to own a Festiie!
Do you need your phone for Festiie to function properly?
A smart phone is required for Festiie’s initial setup. Once setup is complete, Festiie can function independently of the phone. If your phone dies, you can still be found through Festiie.


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